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The 6 Fists (of Produce) Challenge

The 6 Fists (of Produce) Challenge

This is a 5-day team nutrition challenge that will improve your energy, mood, and digestion (and possibly win you a prize)!

When: Monday-Friday, January 22 to January 26 (next week!)

What you’ll get out of it: Better digestion, improved mood, new feeling of wellbeing, lower inflammation, exposure to new recipes with simple ingredients, the chance to win a prize for your team!

What to do: Eat 6 Fists (about 6 Cups, or 800g) of fresh (or frozen) produce each day.  Try to incorporate the color of the day for 3 fists if possible.

Monday: Greens
Tuesday: Red/Pink
Wednesday: Yellow
Thursday: Orange
Friday: Blue/Purple/Dark


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