Indoor Air Quality System in North and South Carolina

Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston.  We represent one of the indoor air quality (IAQ) system manufacturers in Phenomenal Aire and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

phenomenal aire.

Phenomenal Aire TM – Advanced Indoor Air Quality Technology is engineered for installation and use in all modern HVAC systems as individual IAQ devices or modular IAQ systems. Phenomenal Aire TM is active IAQ technology. During the air cleaning process, Phenomenal Aire TM generates billions of ions which are released into the HVAC air stream. As the ions come in contact with particles, they bond together. This process is known as agglomeration. The process occurs repeatedly. Particulates join to become clusters of particulates. Each time a particulate joins a cluster, the cluster grows, making it easier to capture and filter from the air.

Better Together: Active + Passive IAQ Technologies

Traditional pleated paper air filters are “passive” IAQ technology. They are installed in HVAC systems where they wait for air pollutants to travel through the air stream and become captured in the filter. Testing has demonstrated Phenomenal Aire TM increases the efficacy of air filters. A field test conducted with a leading hospitality provider showed that when Phenomenal Aire TM was installed in an existing HVAC system utilizing a MERV8-rated paper filter, the filter’s performance increased to that of a MERV13-rated filter.

What Sets Our IAQ Technology Apart?

  • Compatible with all modern HVAC systems.
  • Capable of operating as independent IAQ device or modular IAQ system.
  • Compatible with existing mechanical air filtration & other IAQ technologies.
  • Compatible with leading Building Automation Systems & IoT technologies.
  • Technology (needlepoint bi-polar ionization) is “active” air cleaning technology.
  • Ion production levels measured at point of generation, not calculated.
  • Laboratory validated outcomes for treating air containing specific microorganisms.
  • Cleaning process validated for “Zero Ozone Emissions”
  • Cleaning process cleans air in both the HVAC system & occupied space.
  • Cleaning process is free of photocatalysts and chemical reactions.
  • Expected operational lifecycle of up to 10 years.
  • Minimal energy consumption required for operation.
  • Technology is free from mechanical components requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Technology is free from electrical components requiring routine replacement.

Design Questions to Consider

  • What is your end goal?
    • Improve indoor air quality?
    • Reduce odors?
    • Save Energy?
  • What type of HVAC systems are being installed? (RTU, AHU, VAV, VRF, etc.)
  • What are the design CFM of each system?
  • Is the system ducted or ductless?

Selection & Placement Guide

  1. Treat all airflows.

    1. Supply air from an air handler.
    2. Recirculated air from unitary equipment.
    3. Make-up air from dedicated MUA or DOAS Equipment
  2. Match Phenomenal Aire to HVAC Equipment or Application

    1. Utilize the Phenomenal Aire product to match the right device to your HVAC application.
    2. Airflow Volume should not exceed device Airflow Capacity. For large AHU or RTU applications, multiple devices can be paired to meet or exceed Airflow Volumes. It is recommended that the same product series be paired for uniform ion production and distribution.
    3. Trageted ion concentration in occupied space is 2000 to 5000 ion/cc. For applications with duct length greater than 50 ft the unit(s) should be located downstream. To maximize ion levels in the space, supplemental units can be placed downstream from the primary unit(s).


HVAC Application

Airflow Capacity

Ion Generation


BAS Connection

 D 1.2-1

Fan Coils, Heat Pumps, PTACs, Ductless Mini-Splits, Air Handlers

Up to 1,200 CFM (3 tons)

> 130 Million ions/s



 D 1.2-2

Fan Coils, Heat Pumps, PTACs, Ductless Mini-Splits, Air Handlers

Up to 1,200 CFM (3 tons)

> 130 Million ions/s



 D 3.2

Fan Coils, Heat Pumps, PTACs, Ductless Mini-Splits, Air Handlers

Up to 3,200 CFM (8 tons)

> 350 Million ions/s



C 6.0

Air Handlers, Rooftop Units, Package Units

Up to 6,000 CFM (15 tons)

3 Billion ions/s



 C 10.0

Air Handlers, Rooftop Units, Package Units

Up to 10,000 CFM (25 tons)

6 Billion ions/s




Air Handlers, Rooftop Units, Package Units

C6 Up to 6,000 CFM (15 tons)
C10 Up to 10,000 CFM (25 tons)
C15 Up to 15,000 CFM (35 tons)
C20 Up to 20,000 CFM (50 tons)

 4.2 Billion ions/s
8.4 Billion ions/s
12.6 Billion ions/s
16.8 Billion ions/s



Determine the Best Installation Location

Ion output plays a significant role in improving air quality. Proper placement of Phenomenal Aire products in HVAC ductwork is critical. Products must always be installed AFTER any filtration. There are (2) types of installation locations depending on your air quality expectations.

phenomenal aire installation.

1. Coil Side Installation

Concentrates ionization on cooling coil and the airstream inside the HVAC system.
Locate Phenomenal Aire BEFORE the coil and heat exchanger.

2. Air Side Installation

Maximizes the delivery of ionization into the occupied space.
Locate Phenomenal Aire AFTER the coil and heat exchanger.

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