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What are Mechanical Duct Access Doors and Access Panels?

Hahn Mason’s Access Doors are designed to provide secure and efficient service access to critical areasHVAC Access Door Supplier in North & South Carolina in metal ducts for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Ideal for both new and retrofit building applications, our access doors are suitable for use in multiple areas enabling easy access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other components that are part of a mechanical system. Offering an economical, yet quality galvanized steel construction, our duct access doors are an excellent choice for locations where HVAC access is required and are considered the best access doors in the industry. Perfect for mechanical contractors and building maintenance teams, our duct doors enable easy access to dampers and other components in heating, air conditioning and other building ductwork.

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Why Are Access Doors important?

Access doors and panels are necessary to facilitate future maintenance on critical mechanical equipment. In addition, your application may require them in order to pass certain building codes where access to pipes, valves, or other mechanical instruments are necessary to access.

What Sizes & Options for HVAC Duct Access Doors and Accessaccess doors in NC Panels do We Offer?

Hahn Mason Duct Access Doors are available in a wide range of sizes designed to fit common ductwork dimensions with special sizes and modifications available upon request. We also offer many additional features including knock-over edges, locks, viewports, and gaskets.  Hahn Mason proudly represents & stocks Karp and Ductmate Industries.

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The Support You Can Count On for HVAC Duct Access Doors and Access Panels

Hahn Mason prides itself on the service and support we bring to our duct doors. Our dedication to supplying quality products makes us the choice for contractors, owners, and engineers that demand the best access doors and panels in the Carolinas. Once you see what separates Hahn Mason from other manufacturers, you too will appreciate and demand the Hahn Mason difference.

Product Highlights for Mechanical Access Doors and Access PanelsFire Rated Access Doors in SC

We offer several kinds of insulated, leak-proof access doors for rectangular and round ducts. Access Doors are available for hi-temperature, easy access, simple installation applications, and specialty applications. General Features & Benefits include:

  • 18-22 gauge, galvanized steel construction
  • Clean-Out Access Doors are 22-24 gauge
  • Advanced pressure vessel design
  • Air tight
  • No measuring (self-adhesive template provided)
  • Record Of Inspection sticker provided
  • Effortless opening & closing (no tools required)
  • No frames to install or seal
  • Shape provides a better access area
  • Optional Single or Double Paned Observation Access Doors
  • Knock-over edges facilitate a quick and simple installation wherever duct access is required

For Rectangular / Spiral Duct Applications:

  • Fully insulated or uninsulated
  • Smooth interior surface on insulated doors
  • Tested to 20” w.g. positive and 10” negative
  • Insulated doors are recommended for negative pressure applications
  • Please specify when ordering doors for negative pressure as the gasket is placed on the outer door panel
  • Please specify when ordering doors for double wall duct as we provide 6” bolts which will allow the door to be opened wider, making up for the thickness of the liner/duct wall.

For Circular Clean-Out Applications:

  • No frame to install and seal
  • Circular opening effective for duct cleaning
  • Effortless opening & closing
  • EDGE PRO rubber edge guards are available on request

High Temperature Access Doors

For High-Temperature application fiberglass rope (1000°F max) is permanently bonded to the outside panel of the access door to eliminate leakage. For a grease duct application, a ceramic Fiber Gasket (2300°F max – meets NFPA 96 standards) is permanently bonded to the outside panel of the access door to eliminate leakage.

What Other Types of Access Doors do We Offer?

  • Fire Rated Access Doors
  • Concealed Access Doors
  • Exterior (with lock and key) Access Doors
  • Tile Access Doors
  • Plaster Access Doors
  • Security Access Doors
  • Specialty Access Doors
  • Sound Resistant Access Doors
  • Valve Box

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