Garage Ventilation in North and South Carolina

The main role of garage ventilation is life safety. Ventilation plays a critical role in underground and enclosed parking garages. Garage ventilation fans only move air throughout the parking structure. They are separate from supply and exhaust fans that bring outside air in and exhaust air out of the parking structure.

The main function of garage ventilation is to create a safe environment for occupants. Proper garage ventilation must reduce toxic levels of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides within the garage structure during regular operation.

Additionally, the garage ventilation system needs to provide a means of extracting smoke during or after a fire. During a fire, the ventilation system must remove, or redirect, smoke for the exit routes of all occupants. The ventilation system must provide visibility in critical areas so first responders can do their jobs. The airflow design can play a role in controlling a fire in emergency situations.

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What are Design Considerations for Garage Ventilation?

  • Total vehicle capacity of the structure and number of vehicles in operation during peak conditions.
  • Length of travel and operating time of vehicles in the garage structure.
  • The emission rate of typical vehicles under various conditions; daily parking, special events, etc.
  • Overall garage layout and air supply and exhaust locations.

What are Equipment Considerations for Garage Ventilation?

  • Package space of fan equipment and impact on clearance of total vehicle height and structure height.
  • Fan performance and Air distribution pattern of each fan and total ventilation requirements.
  • Fan power, control, and maintenance requirements
  • Air distribution and air pattern of supply air and exhaust air

What are the Styles of Garage Ventilation Fans?

Garage ventilation fans are available is 2 different designs.

Jet Fans

Jet Fan

Induction Fans

Induction Fan

Both styles of fans have similar performance and design features including:

  • Installation height of fan can reduce height requirements of structure.
  • More efficient aerodynamic performance than standard fan styles.
  • Flexible and Easier installation – mounting systems designed for garage roof layouts.
  • Lower overall power requirement.

Complete garage airflow design is critical.

What are the Keys to Successful Garage Ventilation Design?

Garage Flow Diagram

  • Supply and Exhaust airflow patterns.
  • Complete ventilation airflow within each floor and floor-to-floor.
  • A CFD analysis should be performed to ensure proper airflow management through the entire parking deck.
  • Systems sensors must be located in proper positions. One gas sensor for every ventilation fan.


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