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Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston.  We represent one of the top HVAC solution system manufacturers in Jaga and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

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Why Choose Jaga?

Jaga is committed to building more comfortable indoor environments while limiting our impact on the natural environment. Jaga has a solution for every sustainable heating and cooling challenge with our fan coils units, trench H/C solutions, energy-efficient convectors and panel radiators.

From sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation products, their solutions are designed to work with environmentally friendly technology such as heat pumps and solar energy. Operating on the lowest water temperatures, their award-winning radiators not only provide outstanding heating and cooling, but they also enhance the space while maximizing comfort.

Jaga Products

Fan Coil Unitsfan coils.

With a keen eye on design, our near silent, compact fan coil solutions don’t compromise on power, delivering robust hydronic heating and cooling to reduce energy and ductwork in a building.

Creating Space

Whether you’re designing a new open office, residential space or remodeling an older building, our fan coil units are engineered to save space. Measuring approximately 9 inches deep, they can be built into minimal ceiling drops, which means smaller bulk heads and greater height between the floor and ceiling. With a realized height savings of at least 2-inches per level, architects have added additional building floors when using horizontal fan coil units from Jaga.

When Jaga’s fan coils are used as perimeter heating/cooling with the whisper-quiet units placed directly in the living/working space, the space savings can be maximized. This allows for a reduction in space required for mechanical/fan room footprints, leading to more leasable floor space.

Jaga heating and cooling technology is ideal for a mechanical system where the perimeter is completely decoupled from the interior space, providing maximum efficiency and space savings.

Quiet Concentration

Our largest compact fan coil allows for increased capacity while still maintaining quiet operation. Six row hydrophobically coated cooling coil for maximum cooling output.

Ideal for space-saving applications, these FCUs are small enough to install in the wall or ceiling. Powered by low-maintenance Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors, they offer near- silent but high-capacity heating up to 105 MBH and up to 4 tons of cooling.

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Trench Heating and Coolingtrench heating and cooling.

A modern solution for large open spaces with glazing, our compact trench heating and cooling solutions fit seamlessly into the floor, providing powerful hydronic heating and cooling with less energy.

A Smooth Operator

With precise height adjustment, our in-floor fan convectors will rest perfectly in line with the finished floor. Measuring approximately 4 inches, they offer significant space savings in any building. Savings increase when used with hydronic heating and cooling systems. Like our overhead or wall mounted fan coil units, Jaga’s trench heating and cooling solutions have enabled architects to add additional floors to buildings without changing the initial building height.

The ultra-responsive design of our trench units allows for fast-acting heating and cooling, making it a great solution for perimeter heating in areas that are traditionally difficult to heat and cool.

Seamless Design

When topped with one of our contemporary grilles, our trench solutions will blend in perfectly with the flooring. This allows for an unobtrusive solution to any project.

Jaga trench heating and cooling units have a proven track record when used as perimeter devices in underfloor air distribution (UFAD) designs. They offer the advantages of a completely decoupled perimeter design where the glazing load is effectively handled by the Jaga units.

Plus, our trench heating and cooling solutions utilize the highest quality EC motors, which run on 24VDC power—so quiet, you won’t even know they are running.

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Efficient Convectorsconvector.

Modern hydronic heating systems require powerful solutions that operate at low-water temperatures. But solutions don’t need to be bulky and oversized—our convectors offer fast heat in a compact frame.

Energy-Efficient Heating

Designed to optimize the output of air-to water heat pumps, solar energy and condensing boilers, our Low-H2O heat exchanger technology enables quick reaction time and can save energy costs. Containing 90 percent less water than traditional steel panel radiators or radiant panels, they allow rooms to reach the desired temperature more quickly thus increasing comfort. While saving energy.

When decoupled from the interior space, Jaga’s convectors generate efficient heat for the entire perimeter. This makes it a great solution for large areas with glazing. They also make a great solution for all-electric homes where heating water is generated from an air to water heat pump. Our products can also work excellently as vestibule force-flow units or as cabinet unit heaters, offering high power yet compact and aesthetic casings.

A Safe Solution for Everyone

Because our convectors always maintain a low-surface temperature, they are safe to touch and ideal for use in schools, daycares, and assisted living facilities. The surface temperature will never exceed 109oF (43oC) no matter how hot the water temperature flows through the system. Also, the convector does not need to be spaced off the wall; it can be placed flush to the finished surface. Our heat exchangers are built to last and come with a 30-year guarantee. At the end of their usable life, they are fully recyclable.

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Panel Radiators

The compact style of the Jaga Panel Radiators allows creative freedom to the designer and saves space too! The Panel Radiators can be fitted as a wall mounted radiator, but Jaga also offers a super compact, solid baseboard model starting at a height of 2.4″! The robust design of the radiator with its hidden collectors provides an elegant simplicity that oozes quality.

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Personalized HVAC Solutions with Jaga

Jaga Canada specializes in tailor made project solutions. There are no limitations when it comes to custom designs. We come to new visions, ideas and concepts, through solid cooperation between Jaga and all parties involved with the design of a project. Thereby we create solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and wishes within the North American market.

The North American Jaga Team takes the process from idea until realization completely out of your hands. With our in-house knowledge, technology and capacity, Jaga can take service the entire process. Offering our solutions in efficient software tools to select products is key to service our customers.

The custom-made European top technology, combined with a unique, strong culture and corporate values of the family-owned company Jaga, where people are the foundation for cooperation, makes Jaga North America a unique proposition.

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