Louvers and Dampers in North and South Carolina

Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston. We represent one of the finest louver and damper manufacturers in United Enertech and are proud to offer their technology to your next project.

It is our goal to meet the quality needs of our customers and maintain the flexibility to adapt custom specifications as requested.


What are Louvers?

Louvers are used to manage the flow of air in HVAC systems and protect from water infiltration. They are a kind of shutter or blade with horizontal slats, angled to allow light and air to pass through, but prevent the entry of water. The slats on louvers are stationary and do not move.

What are Dampers?

Dampers are also used to manage the flow of air in HVAC systems, but unlike louvers, the slats on dampers are mobile. The movement of these slats on dampers allows them to control the amount of air that passes through the system. Dampers are made of metal and come in a variety of shapes including squares, circles, and rectangles.

We offer numerous models of louvers and dampers

Louver Models Available

  • Acoustical Louvers
  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Blast LouversBrick & Flood Vents
  • Combination Louver/DamperDade
  • County Hurricane Louvers
  • Equipment Screens
  • FEMA 361 Louver/Grille
  • Fixed Louvers
  • PTAC Grilles
  • Wind-Driven Rain Louvers

Project Details to Determine When Choosing Louvers

  1. The Design and Applications goals
  2. Specify Performance Criteria and Certification Requirements
  3. Key Project Variables:
    a. Aesthetic Requirements
    b. Wall Type and Depth
    c. Acceptable Pressure Loss
    d. Water Penetration Criteria

4. Design Intent Louver Model
5. Acceptable Air Velocity
6. Require Louver Free Area


United Enertech offers the industry’s broadest rand of Dampers on a commercial and industrial level. UE has a wide catalog and variety of dampers according to the needs of each market.

  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Blast Dampers
  • Rectangular Dampers
  • Rectangular Industrial Dampers
  • Round Dampers
  • Round Industrial Dampers
  • Small Motorized Rectangular Dampers
  • Small Motorized Round Dampers

dampers in North Carolina

dampers in South Carolina

dampers in Charleston, SC

Questions to ask Hahn Mason When Deciding on Dampers

  • Commercial or Industrial

    • Commercial: Low Pressure / Low Velocity
    • Commercial: Medium Pressure / Medium Velocity
    • Industrial: High Pressure / High Velocity
  • Material

    • Galvanized Steel
    • Extruded Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
  • Manual Balancing (For Balancing the Air Flow in lieu of Tight Shut off)

    • Round
    • Rectangular
  • Control

    • Leakage Rate
      • Class 1A (Lowest Leaking)
      • Class 1
      • Class 2
  • Operation

    • Manual Hand Quad
    • Electric Actuator
      • 24V (open or close)
      • 120V (open or close)
      • 230V (open or close)
      • 24V with Digital Input for Modulation
    • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Life Safety Dampers

    • Fire
    • Smoke
    • Combination Fire Smoke
    • Ceiling Radiation

Contact Hahn-Mason for Louvers and Dampers

For more information on louvers and dampers, contact Hahn-Mason Air Systems today at (704)-523-5000. Hahn-Mason has 9 offices conveniently located throughout the Charlotte and Charleston areas.

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