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The US construction environment continues to be challenged by the myriad of factors that impacted the economy over the past year. Naturally, COVID-19 has dramatically altered expectations and how companies go to the market and the needs a building must satisfy to meet the needs of a business. The total construction spend was up around 5% in the single-family, public safety, warehouse, and utility markets, while other markets – like lodging and manufacturing – sustained losses. Construction spending in the commercial market, however, remained relatively stable.

HMI is primarily focused on the commercial market. Industry experts expect the commercial market to eventually recover, with projections of a 5% positive increase in 2022. For that to happen, construction opportunities are expected to start gaining momentum very shortly. This growth is expected to primarily come from the restaurant, retail, educational/institutional, and mass manufacturing segments. It is this mass manufacturing segment that HMI focuses on. According to a cross-section of industry outlets, the particular vertical of warehouses is expected to increase at a rate of greater than 10%.

To be able to meet the needs of businesses and the demands of their customers in this modern environment, warehousing is critical. And you guessed it, warehouse HVAC is something that Hahn Mason is very well prepared to help due to our expertise and product mix.

What Products do We Sell for Ventilation of Warehouses?

Building a warehouse is simple … or is it? Proper ventilation can be tricky, especially when dealing with a large space that has high ceilings, like a warehouse. Being able to control the indoor air environment with airflow through every season of the year can be challenging for any commercial HVAC project. Let’s highlight areas where we can help! Whether you are exploring options for clean air, heating systems, ceiling fans, or safe exhaust fans; HMI has the products to make a warehouse fully functioning.

Air Distribution

Think about the office portion of the building. Characterizing how air is introduced to, flows through, and is removed from spaces is called room air distribution. An air distribution system includes all sub-components, such as fans, filters, dampers, ductwork, grilles, registers, diffusers, etc.

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Still thinking about the office portion of the building. Standalone offices in the center of a warehouse can benefit from the ease of installation, zone comfort control, and energy-efficient performance of VRF systems. These systems can easily be added to existing warehouses or to new office construction or renovations.

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Commercial and Industrial Fans

Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

Centrifugal roof exhaust fans provide great performance and durability for general clean air applications where the air is discharged downward, toward the roof surface.

High Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans

Large diameter ceiling fans provide airflow for effective air circulation and enhanced comfort in commercial and industrial spaces. The benefits include personnel cooling, humidity control, and heat distribution.

HMI represents one of the finest HLVS fan manufacturers in SkyBlade and we are proud to offer their technology for your next warehouse application. We are also proud to offer free design services, free quotes, installation, and troubleshooting.

HLVS Fans in NC

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Downblast or Upblast Exhaust Fan

Axial fans are a cost-effective option for low to medium-pressure applications. Roof-mounted models are designed to discharge clean air or fume exhaust up or down.

Propeller Fan

Can be roof exhaust or sidewall fans include both direct- and belt-driven fans. These fans are suitable for exhaust, supply, clean air applications, or reversible for a variety of applications including factories and warehouses.

Air Movement Fans

Air circulation products are the perfect solution for moving air through the occupied spaces of a building. Whether mounted on the ceiling, wall, or floor, these fans are a flexible and cost-effective way to complement any HVAC system.

Make-up Air Units

Industrial space heating systems heat large spaces comfortably and economically. We can provide very efficient direct gas-fired burners to promote excellent space comfort and low operating cost.

Infrared Heating

Infrared heaters emit heat that is very similar to that of the sun. This energy is absorbed by our skin, clothes, and other surrounding objects, which is how the surrounding environment gets a warming effect. This method of heating is different than a traditional forced-air system because it is warming with direct radiation towards objects, rather than warming the air within the space.

Infrared space heaters are best applied in buildings with high ceilings and areas where there is a high demand for a heat load, such as loading docks or bay areas. HMI represents one of the finest infrared heating manufacturers in Detroit Radiant and we are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

Infrared space heater in nc

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Louvers and Dampers

Louvers protect air intake and exhaust openings in exterior walls. The design allows blades to be open or closed and are most often supplied with factory-mounted and adjusted electric actuators.

Damper products serve a valuable role in air movement. Products cover a wide variety of applications ranging from life safety to maintaining the control of outside air.

Louvers and dampers in North Carolina

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Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

A dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) is a unit supplying cooled, dehumidified outside air to the building in summer and heated outside air in the winter. The system can also include a total energy wheel. An energy recovery wheel offers up to 80% total effectiveness reducing the heating and cooling capacity requirement of the DOAS unit significantly.

Air Curtains

High ceilings, large entryways, and repeated openings make it difficult to control expensive climatized air, produce consistent comfort for workers, and invite unwanted dirt, dust, and flying pests – conditions that adversely impact goods and productivity. Sanitary and comfortable conditions are a must.

Packaged RTUs & Split Systems

Packaged RTUs and Split Systems are products that are soon to come for HMI!

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