Air Distribution Systems and Accessories in North and South Carolina

Air Distribution Systems

Commercial and Industrial air duct systems must take into account multiple factors to effectively and efficiently move air from a source to a destination. Proper duct system selection and application are critical to durability, reliability, and comfort in the installation.

Some of the key considerations in duct system selection include the following:air distribution systems in north carolina

  • Space Availability
  • Noise Levels
  • Air Leakage
  • Balancing
  • Design Standards
  • Fire and Smoke Control
  • First Costs
  • Operating Costs

These considerations drive the design and style of duct that can be successfully applied in the installation. Hahn Mason offers various duct configurations and materials of construction to address all of these concerns on your next project.

All duct styles are available in different materials, material thicknesses, coatings (antimicrobial coating available), and surface finish.

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What Type of Ducts Are Available?

Round Ductround duct air system in nc

  • Strong and Rigid due to the round configuration.
  • One of the most economical options.
  • Lowest Fitting Loses and Pressure Drop allowing for higher air velocities with no decrease in total system performance.
  • Lower noise generation than a rectangular duct.
  • Available in longitudinal and spiral seams.
  • Various joining methods are available, providing quick and easy assembly in a leak-resistant joint.
  • Available in single wall and double wall
    insulated construction.

Fabric Ductfabric duct in nc

  • Available in round, semicircular D-shape, and quarter-round configurations.
  • Round design has reduced pressure drop and noise generation.
  • Flexible installation; can be cable or track-mounted.
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Nearly unlimited choices in layout, color, and materials
  • UL and NFPA 90A certified.

Flat Oval

  • Offers largest cross-sectional area with minimal height required.
  • Seams and Joints are similar to Round Duct meaning less pressure drop and noise.
  • High performance joining systems are available to reduce air leakage.
  • Available in single and double wall insulated construction.

Flex Ductflex ducts in north carolina

  • Enables flexible connections between components of an air distribution system.
  • Available uninsulated or insulated.
  • Must be less than 6-foot total length to limit pressure drop.
  • Flex duct complaint to NFPA 90A and 90B is available.

Questions To Ask Yourself and HMI

  • What are my design and application goals?
  • What is the Airflow (CMF) and Static Pressures (in WG)?
  • What are my allowable noise levels
  • What type of building? (Office, Church, Institution, Healthcare, etc…)
  • What type of ceiling? (Standard Lay In vs Fineline/Spline vs Open)
  • What type of Diffusers? (Square, Round, Slot)
  • What type of finish? Standard White or others?
  • What material? (Aluminum vs ST)
  • What’s the CFM/Unit? (To determine neck size or slot width/length)
  • What are the ceiling heights?
  • Are there other architectural concerns?
  • High or Low levels of Humidity?
  • What duct type? (Flat Oval, Square, Round, Fabric)


Air Distribution Accessories

Commercial HVAC system equipment is engineered, designed, and installed to provide energy-efficient comfort to occupants. The air distribution system is generally hidden behind walls, ceilings, and small constrained spaces. Space is always at a premium in the built environment.

While HMI is your source for round, flat oval, and flexible ducts, HMI also carries a full range of accessories to complete the air distribution system and maintain system performance and occupant comfort.


The air distribution systems need to be installed throughout buildings avoiding structural components and other critical systems. The air distribution path requires many changes in direction. Elbows are applied to make these directional changes. HMI can provide elbows in multiple angles.

Pressure drop is a critical consideration in the performance of the air distribution system. HMI can assist you with the selection of simple elbows, smooth curve elbows, or vane-assisted turning elbows. Elbows are available in various materials, single or double-wall, and insulated round, flat-oval, and rectangular duct configurations.

air distribution accessories in north carolina

air distribution accessories in south carolina

air distribution accessories in virginia

The air distribution system’s main path generally is split, or divided, into many Secondary runs of duct. HMI can help with straight section connections. These connectors can be in the form of saddle taps, tees, or wyes. HMI has components to make the joint in various materials, single or double-wall, and insulated in round, flat-oval, and rectangular duct configurations.

To improve performance and installation, ductwork can be fabricated as a manifold, or one duct piece with connections fabricated in. Call HMI to discuss manifold designs.

Custom designing the air distribution system and prefabricating the components at the factory saves assembly time and labor at the job site. The reduced number of parts saves time and resources in receiving, handling, and storage/staging at the site.


dampers in north carolina

Dampers control the flow of air from the primary source to secondary regions of the distribution system or individual areas of conditioned space. Generally, there are 2 types of dampers, control, and balancing.

Control dampers are active dampers driving by the control system. Balancing dampers are static and have their position set by the test and balance contractor.

HMI offers a full line of round, rectangular, and transitional dampers.

Access Doorsaccess doors in south carolina

The air distribution system is designed for accessibility for maintenance and repair during the life of the system. HMI offers a full line of access doors and panels.

HMI offers a full range of duct hangers, mounts, and isolation systems. See our catalog for more details.

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