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Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston.  We represent one of the finest air distribution system manufacturers in Thermaduct and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

Why Choose a Thermaduct System?

Thermaduct provides a family of insulated duct systems for both outdoor and indoor applications. Their family of pre-insulated products are designed and manufactured to increase the efficiency of the application with higher R-values and lower air leakage, while at the same time increasing installation efficiency with lightweight duct systems that require no additional insulation or wrapping. Whether on the roof or inside the building a pre-insulated duct can cut installation time and save on long-term energy costs.

Thermaduct Products

Thermaduct is a patented rectangular exterior ducting solution that offers high R- values and low air leakage. It provides the duct, insulation, and cladding all in one high-performance product. Thermaduct is available in insulated values between R-8 and R-24 and offers extremely low air leakage. All these benefits are protected by a strong, UV stable 1000 micron vinyl cladding and built to meet or exceed the SMACNA Phenolic Duct Construction Standards.





Thermaround is our patented round solution for exterior applications. This high R- value system offers an R-12 solution with extremely low air leakage. Thermaround uses the same UV stable 1000 micron vinyl cladding for a durable solution that will naturally shed water. In the interior, air passes over a smooth aluminum surface free from loose fibers to give your building better IAQ performance.


floval.  &  inspiralr.

InspiralR and Floval are our patent pending indoor round and flat oval solutions that are UL 181 Listed for 10” w.c. positive and 8” w.c. negative applications. InspiralR and Floval are lightweight systems and can offer up to a 75% weight savings versus traditional double wall spiral duct. This ultra low air leakage system also provides an R-6 insulated value. Tight on ceiling space? Floval is your solution as there’s no need to insulate separately!


Design Factors to Consider

  • The basic spec required as far as R value and static pressure of the ductwork.
  • Plans (preferably highlighted) with the duct required for quote.
  • Elevation views (if applicable)
  • A ship to location
  • A project name
  • Any Nonstandard construction required (special liners, materials, etc)

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