CRAC Units in North and South Carolinacooling systems in north and south carolina

Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry for over 50 years, serving you from our office and warehouse locations in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Hickory, Eastern NC, Greensboro, Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, and Virginia. We represent one of the finest temperature & humidity control systems manufacturers in Compu-Aire, Inc and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

Compu-Aire Inc. manufactures in excess of 100 different models of specialty air conditioners for critical electronic system facilities including, but not limited to, data centers, network facilities, computer rooms, and other applications that have sensitive temperature and humidity needs. Hahn Mason has partnered with Compu-Aire Inc. to bring our customers products that are designed to fit their needs.

Precision Cooling Systems

Ceiling Mount Systems

Ceiling mount systems are installed above a dropped ceiling or roof, saving floor space for your protected equipment. These cooling systems systems also offer the flexibility of configuration options such as ducting, various reheat options, free-cooling, and other features to allow the system to be tailored to the needs of your application. Contact Hahn Mason today for more information on ceiling mount systems.


CRAC Units in nc

Mini-Temp Plus

CRAC Units in sc

Maxi-Kool/Heat Pump

ceiling mount systems in nc

Exterior Wall Mount Systems

Whether you need to cool a shelter, school, cabinet, or container, Hahn Mason and Compu-Aire Inc. have a unit for your requirements. Compu-Aire Inc. has developed innovative air conditioners, specifically for the emerging telecommunications market since it has expanded and redesigned to meet the requirements of commercial modular and classroom markets.

Compu-Aire Inc. exterior wall mounted air conditioners are one of the most economical ways to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation. These exterior mounted units are built in a variety of styles and configurations. To find the right exterior wall mount or roof top mount system for your needs, contact Hahn Mason today.

Floor Mount Systems

High performance, sensitive electronic equipment requires precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity, and air flow for optimum performance. Compu-Aire Inc. floor mount systems can meet this challenge. Compu-Aire Inc. floor mount systems are available in sizes and configurations to suit any application, even corrosive industrial process environments. For more information on floor mount cooling systems, contact Hahn Mason today.


CRAC Units in nc

System 2100K

CRAC Units in sc

System 2100

CRAC Units in va

In Row Systems

The Compu-Aire Inc. in-row system units are designed to create an efficient and modern cooling system, without sacrificing space and specifications. These units have been designed to be green friendly by using a high efficiency scroll compressor with EC fans, making it the latest innovation for the customer’s specific cooling needs.

The in-row systems are designed as supplemental and to provide cooling in a horizontal direction, creating a new way to position the units. They can be positioned between the racks, creating a more even dissipation of extreme heat from the servers, and are the perfect choice for hot/cold aisle containment set up. To find the right in-row system for your needs, contact Hahn Mason today.

Ayan Nano

CRAC Units in sc

Ayan IV

CRAC Units in va

Ayan XL

CRAC Units in nc


Contact Hahn-Mason for Your Next CRAC Application

If you’re seeking additional information on any of the Compu-Aire cooling systems listed above, contact Hahn-Mason Air Systems today at (704)-523-5000 to speak with an expert. Hahn-Mason has 10 offices conveniently located in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Hickory, Eastern NC, Greensboro, Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, and Virginia.