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Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston. We represent one of the finest architectural heater manufacturers in Solaira and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

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Solaira designs & manufactures industry-leading, high-performance, high-efficiency heaters for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Solaira products are The Architect & Engineer’s Choice – our products excel in all applications and are engineered to outperform competitive gas and electric radiant heaters in environments with high mounting heights, exposed areas, and harsh climates.

What Sets Solaira Heaters Apart?

Solaira’s competitive edge lies in their shortwave lamp technology which delivers industry-leading heat efficiencies. Solaira shortwave radiant emitters operate with filament temperatures above 3990F and heat only objects within the radiant beam coverage area. Solaira heaters are industry-leading with power options available up to 12,000w, packaged inside a robust extruded aluminum body that meets the requirements of the most discerning architecturally focused customers.

As we see a shift toward electrification in the HVAC industry, Solaira plays a critical role in providing engineered electric products to architects and engineers. Solaira heater product lines are engineered to be performance first, application specific, and built to last.

Solaira heaters are constructed from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and resist thermal deformation during thousands of heating cycles. Their infrared emitters are coated with a proprietary light-filtering coating to reduce glare. The shortwave lamps are paired with anodized polished reflectors to reduce visible light output while maximizing reflected heat, ensuring industry-leading performance at high mounting heights in exposed environments.

Solaira offers control systems that can tie into Building Management and Home Automation Systems. Customers can integrate heaters with timers, occupancy monitors, temperature sensors, and schedule run periods. Their controls also utilize voltage dimming technology allowing users to control heater output from 0-100% in combination with the above control modules.

Architectural Heating Products

Industrial Series

The Solaira°™ Industrial series takes radiant heating power to a new level. Utilizing several Alpha heaters in array formats allows combinations of heaters with up to 12,000 watts of instant, precisely controllable heat. Designed for high mounting heights and high watt density requirements, Alpha heaters are not affected by wind and warm people and objects—not the air between. Take advantage of high-power radiant heat to reduce heating costs in large warehouses, aircraft hangers, or sports stadiums.

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Alpha Series

The Solaira°™ Alpha series represents the next evolution of engineered short-wave heating technology. Alpha series heaters produce short wavelength infrared heat—86% of consumed energy is transferred into instant, controllable, directional heat. Shortwave infrared heating technology is not affected by wind and warms people and objects—not the air between. The modular design of the alpha series allows specifying engineers to adjust and direct specified heating loads based on area requirements.

ICR Series

Bring the heat with the Solaira°™ ICR series. ICR delivers Solaira’s quality design and industry-leading performance to your restaurant, outdoor room, or production facility. This high-output radiant heater delivers short-wave radiant heat while it’s robust aircraft-grade powder-coated extruded aluminum shell provides rigidity for years of use. Designed for the most demanding installation requirements, the unit is IP 55 rated and will outperform competitive products when the weather turns.

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What Industries Can Utilize Our Architectural Heaters?

Solaira products are designed for commercial, hospitality, and residential applications looking for high-intensity, electric infrared solutions. Some popular applications include:

Sports Stadiums: Fan Areas, Pavilions, Stands/Bleachers, Ticket Booths, Driving Ranges, Hockey rinks, Gym/Auditoriums

Industrial: Airport Hangers, Warehouses, Pick and Pack Areas, Industrial Spot Heating Stations

Transportation: Airports, Bus Shelters, Train Stations

Resorts/Campus: Ski Resorts, Theme Parks Pavilions, Zoos, University/Colleges, Country Clubs

Hospitality: Hotels, Resorts, Valet Pick Up Zones, Restaurants, Quick Serve Areas

Residential: Commercial High-Rises, Custom Homes, Developments

Design Questions to Consider When Choosing an Architectural Heater

  • Is this an indoor or outdoor application?
  • Application: Please describe the target space looking to be heated. Is it covered? Is it highly exposed?
  • If indoor, is there freeze protection existing in the building?
  • What are the mounting heights?
  • Are you spot heating or heating total building/ambient air?
  • What is the expected temp rise of the target in the zone?
  • What are the dimensions of the zone?
  • Do you have the area drawings attached to the specification?
  • How will the heaters be mounted? Wall mounted? Or ceiling mount from chains/beams/structure?
  • Are there any obstructions where the heaters will be mounted?


  • What is the available power on site? 1 or 3 phase?
  • Do they require controls? Variable or On/Off?
  • How many zones are required?
  • Are you tying into building management (BACnet, etc)

Contact Hahn-Mason for Your Next Architectural Heating Application

If you’re seeking additional information on any of the Solaira heaters listed above, contact Hahn-Mason Air Systems today at (704)-523-5000 to speak with an expert. Hahn-Mason has 9 offices conveniently located in the Charlotte and Charleston area.

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