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As the name implies, split air conditioning systems are split into two or more units with the condenser sitting outdoors and the air handlers sitting indoors. They are among the best options for cost-effective climate control due to incredible features and benefits to building owners. The options for heating and cooling utilizing a split system are vast: from traditional split units to ductless systems to heat pumps. There are numerous factors that come into play such as capacity, layout, heat type and many more project nuances. That’s why choosing the right split system for your application will is extremely important to ensuring long term occupant satisfaction. With over 50 years of serving contractors and engineers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina we’re here to help you properly design, select, supply and install the right units for your next project.

What Are the Benefits of Split Systems from Hahn Mason?

The most reliable, efficient, and flexible in their class

  • Decreased energy expenditures – Best-in-class energy performance
  • Easy installation – Reduced ductwork needed
  • Flexibility for climate control – Individual Spaces can be supplied with their own units
  • Quiet operation – The Condenser is located outside of the building
  • Extended warranty programs

What are the Advantages of a Split System?

Split systems are offer a low first-cost and typically easy to install which helps reduce complexity and overall install cost. Air Handling Units and control panels for split system units can be stored in attics and basements, protecting them from the elements, prolonging lifespan. The control capabilities are easy to use as well, giving you more control over your unit. Plus, with more control, the more efficient your unit and home will be, saving you money and energy. On top of that, split systems are typically easy to install which helps reduce complexity and overall cost.

What are the Disadvantages of a Split System?

Some disadvantages of installing a split system include installation variability, greater opportunity for refrigerant leaks, and maintenance costs over time.

What Options Are Available?

Field-installed options

  • BACNet Control kit
  • Low-ambient head pressure control kits (down to 0°F)
  • GFI Service Outlets
  • Electric heat
  • Water heating
  • 4″ MERV 8 or 13 air filtration
  • Economizers
  • Coil/ Hail guards
  • Float switch kit

Factory-installed options

  • Low-static drive
  • High-static drive
  • Protective coil coating (indoor and/or outdoor)

What do We Need to Know When Selecting Rooftop Units for Your Next Project?

  1. Total Blower / Supply Air CFM
  2. What are the Electrical Requirements?
  3. VAV Application? Is a VFD needed?
  4. What is the Nominal Cooling Capacity?
  5. If Heat is required, what is the Nominal Heating Capacity?
    • Type of Heat – Electric or Gas or Reheat?
  6. Required Efficiency / EER / SEER / IEER. Low, Medium, High?
  7. Are there Outside Air Requirements (if any)?
    • What is the Enthalpy / Sensible Control?
  8. What are the Dehumidification Requirements (if any)?
  9. What are the IAQ Requirements (if any)?
  10. What Type of Filtration is Needed? High Efficiency Filters? 
  11. Do you Need a UVC Light?
  12. Is Demand Control Ventilation Required?
  13. What Control Requirements – BAS or Standalone
  14. What Options are required?

Finally, What is the intent of the overall design? Some of what to consider include:

  • Cost – Lowest First Cost or Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Are you trying to meet any design standards such as LEED accreditation
  • What is the application? Split Systems for a medical facility will have different requirements from that of a retail building.

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