Sheetmetal & Accessories in North & South Carolina

Hahn-Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry for over 50 years, serving you from our local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston.. We offer products from Royal Metals and Jer-Air for all your project’s sheet metal needs.

It is our goal to meet the quality needs of our customers and maintain the flexibility to adapt custom specifications as requested.

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What sheet metal equipment do we offer?

Out engineering and sales staff are well-equipped to assist you and provide optimal solutions for your HVAC needs over a broad range of applications.

Snap Lock Pipe & Fittings

  • 26 Gauge 5 FT Length Pipe
  • Reducers/Wyes
  • Flat and Round Sticky Taps
  • Adjustable Elbows
  • Endcaps
  • Square-to-Round Transitions
  • Start Collars and Spin-Ins



Project Details to Determine/Questions to ask Hahn Mason

  1. The design and application goals
  2. Specify performance criteria
  3. Key project variables:
    1. Ceiling Type and Details
    2. Accessories
  4. Equipment Material

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If you have any questions or are looking for a quote for our air distribution products or manufacturers, contact our office today by calling (704) 523-5000. Hahn Mason has 10 offices conveniently located in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Hickory, Greensboro, Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia.