Critical Airflow Control Solutions in North and South Carolina

At Hahn Mason, we have been providing critical controls solutions to the Carolinas market for more than 50 years, partnering with Engineers, Contractors and Owners to deliver successful projects. A great benefit in dealing with Hahn Mason, is the ability we have to offer our customers the unique feature of not only representing the industry’s leading manufacturers, but also offering a comprehensive solution to meet the unique requirements of your critical airflow controls project. Our systems ensure the environmental integrity of critical and healthcare facilities based on proven products developed by Antec Controls.

What Types of Applications Require Critical Airflow Controls?

At Hahn Mason, we are experts in the design and application of critical airflow controls to help determine which of our products are best suited for your design. Below is a list of helpful resources to help guide you on best practices when designing or implementing a critical airflow control system. Typical critical spaces we support include:


Why Choose Hahn Mason for Your Critical Air Controls?

Through a combination of both innovative and sustainable critical airflow controls Hahn Mason offers the latest technology to meet specifications of your project. We deliver these solutions through a highly trained and experienced team of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of today’s facility designers and building owners.

Our team strives to provide our clients with the highest level of service, support and technical competence during the design stage, contracting, installation and post project support. As a leader in critical controls solutions, we take pride in focusing on our customer’s needs. In addition to high quality products, you can count on exceptional customer service from the Antec Controls team. We are here to help you through every step of the project.


Our products are designed to create safe work spaces. Leveraging pressurization control sequences ensures that all individuals within these spaces remain safe at all times

Energy Savings

Building maintenance costs are growing as energy costs increase. Our products help reduce usage and save costs for Owners:

  • Setback or Unoccupied modes allow end users to schedule reduced airflows which helps to reduce energy usage.
  • With high turndown rates, laboratory and healthcare spaces can have their supply and exhaust air volumes drastically reduced while still maintaining accurate control

Owner Autonomy and Transparency

  • Training is available to facility staff on how to properly install, use and troubleshoot our products, allowing for quick installation and local support.
  • Our products are designed with BACnet and BTL certified to integrate with BAS systems without the need of an additional gateway network device.
  • Customers can easily access up to date, accurate product and application information on the Antec Controls website .