Packaged Roof Top Units (RTU’s) Representative in North Carolina

If you own a commercial building in the Carolinas or Virginia, a rooftop HVAC system is a cost–efficient and eco–friendly way to provide heating and air conditioning to the entire building. Rooftop units are ideal for buildings small and large, such as medical facilities, hotels, offices, and stores because you can create zone control that will heat or cool each individual unit or area of the building.

Partnering with Lennox to Supply Packaged RTU’s to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

Lennox®Lennox Logo packaged rooftop units represent some of the most innovative technology in the market. Combining industry-leading efficiency with fast, easy installation and service, Lennox continues to offer reliable systems that deliver exceptional comfort in commercial buildings. A broad range of ENERGY STAR® qualified units helps control energy expenses for a low total cost of ownership while delivering exceptional IAQ. That’s why Hahn Mason is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Lennox to supply packaged rooftop units to facilities throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Our team is here to work side by side with you and help you realize the benefits of utilizing a packaged RTU.

What Are the Benefits of Packaged RTU’s from Hahn Mason?Lennox Packaged RTUs in North Carolina

The quietest, lightest and most efficient rooftop units in their class

  • Controlled costs through efficiency
  • Planned and budgeted replacement programs
  • Sustainable green energy solutions
  • Affordable financing options
  • Extended warranty programs

Why Choose a Lennox RTU?

Lennox High-Efficiency rooftop units deliver energy savings and reduced operating expenses. They achieve efficiency ratings up to 23.5 SEER, 22.0 EER and 15.5 IEER to provide significant utility savings throughout the year. And each product is engineered with features designed to keep maintenance low and performance high.

Lennox High-Efficiency rooftop units exceed the latest U.S. Department of Energy minimum standards by as much as 38%. Compared to a less efficient unit, an Lennox rooftop unit can provide dramatic energy savings even as it delivers year-round comfort. Plus, a variety of optional enhancements are available to achieve even greater efficiency and performance benefits. Some of these benefits across the product spectrum include:

  • Multiple configuration types
  • Available MSAV® supply fan provides year-round savings and comfort with reduced energy consumption, improved indoor air quality and code compliance
  • Consumption, improved indoor air quality and code compliance
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standard-efficiency rating
  • Available factory- or field-installed high-performance economizer meets Title 24 requirements

What Lennox RTU Models are Available?

Energence® Rooftop Units (60Hz and 50Hz)

Packaged RTU in North Carolina

3- to 50-tons

Up to 25 Tons Ultra High Efficiency

Featuring intelligent technology, Energence rooftop units give you a more sophisticated level of performance and control.

Energence was designed with the latest innovation to deliver some of the highest commercial rooftop unit efficiency ratings in the industry. The exclusive Prodigy 2.0 Unit Controller interface provides guided setup, ensuring the most accurate configuration and commissioning in the least amount of time.

  • Up to 18.0 SEER, 16.0 IEER and 12.8 EER
  • Energence Ultra-High Efficiency Up to 23.5/22.0 SEER/EER
  • Gas/electric and electric/electric configurations
  • Optional SmartAirflow® system can save up to 35% of annual ventilation energy consumption compared to traditional rooftop units
    ENERGY STAR® qualified

Flexibility, serviceability, and ease of installation make Landmark rooftop units the ideal choice for virtually any commercial application.

Landmark rooftop units are designed and engineered for installation flexibility, reliable and efficient performance, and easy serviceability. Landmark units are available in both standard- and high-efficiency models.

  • Up to 16.5 SEER, 16.0 IEER and 13 EER
  • gas/electric, electric/electric, and heat pump configurations
  • Direct-spark ignition enhances efficiency

Offering affordable reliability, Raider rooftop units deliver value without compromise, on every job, every time.

If you’re looking for a unit that’s built to last, put your confidence in the Raider rooftop unit. Designed with the replacement market in mind, the expanded Raider rooftop line is compatible with one of the most common footprints, eliminating the need for an adapter curb.

  • Up to 14.0 SEER, 11.7 EER, 15.0 IEER
  • gas/electric, electric/electric, and heat pump configurations

What are the Benefits of a Rooftop Unit?

One of the main benefits of installing a rooftop unit system is that they usually cost less to install than other commercial HVAC systems. One of the reasons is that it can be installed as one unit on your rooftop. RTU’s are quiet, efficient, and save floor space. Rooftop systems can effectively heat or cool several different zones at once, and they are easier to install and maintain. Rooftop heat pump systems are just one way to provide efficient heating and cooling. Call us any time to learn about the many different commercial HVAC systems we can help you design or provide for your facility.

What do We Need to Know When Selecting Rooftop Units for Your Next Project?

  1. Total Blower / Supply Air CFM
  2. What are the Electrical Requirements?
  3. VAV Application? Is a VFD needed?
  4. What is the Nominal Cooling Capacity?
  5. If Heat is required, what is the Nominal Heating Capacity?
    • Type of Heat – Electric or Gas or Reheat?
  6. Required Efficiency / EER / SEER / IEER. Low, Medium, High?
  7. Are there Outside Air Requirements (if any)?
    • Economizer, Yes or No?
    • What is the Enthalpy / Sensible Control?
    • Dampers – Barometric / Motorized / Manual
    • Is Powered Exhaust Needed?
  8. What are the Dehumidification Requirements (if any)?
  9. What are the IAQ Requirements (if any)?
  10. What Type of Filtration is Needed? High Efficiency Filters? 
  11. Do you Need a UVC Light?
  12. Is Demand Control Ventilation Required?
  13. Where will the RTU be Located?
    • Is a Roof Curb Needed? If so, What Type?
  14. What Control Requirements – BAS or Standalone
  15. What Options are required?

Finally, What is the intent of the overall design? Some of what to consider include:

  • Cost – Lowest First Cost or Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Are you trying to meet any design standards such as LEED accreditation
  • What is the application? RTU’s for a medical facility will have different requirements from that of a retail building.

Contact Hahn-Mason for Your Next Packaged RTU Application

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