Vibration Isolation in North Carolina and South Carolina

Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolina building construction and mechanical equipment industry with 84 years of experience, serving you from our 9 local offices and warehouse locations in Charlotte and Charleston.

What is vibration isolation?

Vibration isolation is the practice of minimizing the transmission of vibration energy from one area to another. This can involve using specialized materials, mounts, and devices that absorb or dampen vibrational forces. The purpose of vibration isolation is to protect machinery, structures, and people from the adverse effects of vibration, which can include noise, wear and tear, and structural fatigue. Hahn Mason is an exclusive representative of the VMC Group.  VMC Group offers a wide range of products designed for effective vibration isolation, including rubber mounts, spring isolators, and custom-engineered solutions tailored to meet specific needs across various industries. By implementing these solutions, Hahn Mason helps ensure the longevity and optimal performance of equipment while enhancing overall safety and comfort.

Hahn Mason offers a comprehensive range of services and products to address all your vibration isolation needs. Our offerings include:

Technical Assistance and Custom Design: We provide detailed consultations to understand your project’s specific requirements and challenges, offering expertise in analyzing vibration issues and recommending optimal isolation solutions. Our team supports customized design and engineering to create bespoke isolation systems that meet all technical and performance criteria.

High-Quality Vibration Isolation Products: We supply a wide range of products, including rubber mounts, spring isolators, and seismic restraints, all compliant with industry standards and tailored to your project’s precise specifications. Our solutions cater to various applications, from industrial machinery to HVAC systems and structural components, leveraging the latest innovations from VMC Group.

Installation and Implementation Support: We guide and support you through the installation process, providing training for your team on the proper use and maintenance of the isolation products. Our ongoing support includes troubleshooting any issues that may arise post-installation.

Project Management and Coordination: Our project management services ensure the coordinated delivery and installation of vibration isolation solutions. We collaborate with other contractors and stakeholders to ensure seamless integration into your project, including inspections to confirm installations are completed as designed.

By leveraging Hahn Mason’s expertise and our partnership with VMC Group, you can ensure your project benefits from state-of-the-art vibration isolation solutions and exceptional support throughout its lifecycle.

The Benefits of Vibration Isolation

Vibration isolation offers several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Equipment Performance and Longevity: Reduces wear and tear, extending the life of machinery and improving accuracy.
  • Increased Comfort and Safety: Lowers noise levels and prevents structural fatigue, enhancing safety.
  • Protection of Sensitive Equipment: Safeguards delicate instruments and reduces downtime.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Ensures regulatory compliance and maintains quality standards.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption by minimizing unnecessary vibrations.

Design Questions to Consider

When designing an effective vibration isolation system, it is crucial to address several key factors to ensure optimal performance and reliability. By carefully considering the following design questions, you can tailor your isolation solution to meet the specific demands and constraints of your project.

Sources of Vibration: Identify where the vibrations are coming from.

Frequency Range: Determine the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations.

Regulatory Standards: Ensure compliance industry standards and regulations as well as with local building codes in regards to seismic and wind control.

Weight and Load Distribution: Consider the weight and how it’s distributed.

Environmental Conditions: Assess temperature, humidity, and exposure to harsh conditions.

Space and Installation Constraints: Evaluate available space and installation challenges.

Impact on Adjacent Structures: Consider effects on nearby structures and equipment.

Product Offerings

Modern building techniques, which utilize longer spans and thinner floors, have made today’s structures more vulnerable to noise, vibration, and related issues from HVAC equipment, as well as seismic and wind events. At Hahn Mason, we provide a comprehensive range of products and services designed to protect buildings, equipment, and occupied spaces from the unwanted intrusion of vibration, noise, and seismic energy.

Spring Mounts

Hahn Mason provides a comprehensive selection of spring isolators engineered to minimize the transmission of vibration, impact, and noise across various commercial construction applications. From small fans to heavy-duty HVAC equipment, our spring-based isolators effectively diminish these factors while enhancing product stability and extending equipment life. Our spring floor isolators come in four configurations for floor-mounted equipment: open spring, captive, housed, and snubbed.

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Seismic/Wind Rated Spring Mounts

Hahn Mason provides a wide array of captive spring isolators crafted to significantly reduce the transmission of vibration, impact, and noise across diverse commercial construction applications.  Engineered to meet stringent wind and seismic requirements, these isolators provide exceptional stability and performance, even in the face of extreme conditions. The steel captive housing enhances the isolators’ structural integrity, offering superior protection against vibrations, impacts, and external forced. Our seismic spring floor isolators are available in three configurations for floor-mounted equipment: captive, housed, and snubbed.

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Hahn Mason offers a diverse range of isolation hangers available in neoprene, spring, and elastomer configurations. Our neoprene hangers are engineered to effectively isolate high-frequency vibrations in suspended piping and equipment, preventing vibration transmission to the building structure. Spring flex hangers are designed to isolate low-frequency vibrations, while elastomer and spring hangers offer isolation for both low and high-frequency vibrations. Each hanger is molded using color-coded elastomers, with springs color-coded for instant identification of loading capacities.

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Seismic Bracing

Hahn Mason provides a comprehensive selection of seismic restraint products tailored for ceiling-suspended equipment and piping. Our seismic restraints are meticulously crafted to accommodate both isolated suspended equipment and non-isolated seismic equipment. For isolated systems, our seismic cable kits offer flexibility, ensuring proper installation with slightly slack cables to prevent short-circuiting of the isolation system. Available in various configurations and equipped with multiple mounting brackets, these kits facilitate a secure connection to the building structure. Crafted from aircraft cable, our cables are offered in different sizes and color-coded for easy identification, with factory-installed swaged ends for added convenience.

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Neoprene Isolation Mounts and Pads

Hahn Mason provides a wide range of elastomeric isolators and pads designed to limit the transmission of structure-borne vibration. These versatile solutions are ideal for various applications, including HVAC and electrical equipment. Our elastomeric products are engineered to isolate and attenuate high-frequency disturbing energy, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

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Roof Curbs, Rails, and Equipment Supports

Hahn Mason offers a diverse selection of curbs and rails meticulously designed for securely mounting large equipment and machinery onto rooftops. These curbs and rails provide a sturdy foundation, ensuring maximum stability, particularly under heavy loads. By reducing machinery vibration and noise, they enhance the overall comfort of your building environment. Engineered to withstand rooftop conditions, including high winds and seismic events, our structural curbs and rails feature positive point attachment to the building structure, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Additionally, each curb and rail includes attachments for seamless connection to your equipment, facilitating hassle-free installation and operation.

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Inertia and Structural Steel Bases

Hahn Mason specializes in a diverse array of concrete inertia bases, fan bases, and dunnage bases tailored for securely mounting large equipment and machinery onto floors or rooftops. Concrete inertia bases serve as a solid foundation, ensuring maximum stability under the weightiest equipment. Supplemental bases, available in isolated or non-isolated configurations, effectively diminish machinery vibration and noise. Isolated bases feature additional springs and/or elastomeric elements for enhanced vibration and noise reduction. Our products are engineered to withstand rooftop conditions, including high winds and seismic events, ensuring uninterrupted operation.  Our seismic/wind rated bases are meticulously crafted to facilitate secure attachment to the building structure in accordance with code requirements.

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Flexible Piping Connectors

Hahn Mason provides a comprehensive selection of quiet sphere flexible connectors, including single and double sphere neoprene connectors. Engineered to accommodate expansion, compression, transverse movement, and angular deflection caused by thermal changes in piping connected to rotating equipment, these connectors offer unparalleled versatility. By effectively mitigating vibration and noise transmission, they ensure a quieter and smoother operation.

Seismic Loops

Seismic loops are crucial components in seismic bracing systems, designed to absorb and dissipate seismic forces, protecting piping systems and equipment during earthquakes or other seismic events. Seismic loops, also known as V loops, provide flexibility and allow for movement, preventing damage to piping systems by absorbing lateral forces. At Hahn Mason, we offer a range of seismic loop solutions engineered to meet the seismic requirements of various applications, ensuring the safety and integrity of your piping systems.

Thrust Restraints

Hahn Mason offers horizontal thrust restraints designed to control excessive movement of air handling equipment and ductwork, particularly in applications with significant air movement or high starting torque. These restraints are attached horizontally to the sides of air handling equipment to prevent excessive movement caused by air thrust exceeding 10% of the unit weight. Consisting of a steel housing containing a steel spring and elastomeric pad, these restraints provide a robust solution with pre-adjusted assemblies, allowing for additional field adjustments as needed. With a motion limitation of 1/4″, they ensure stability and safety, shipped with backup plates and hardware for secure attachment to both the equipment and the ductwork or structure.

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