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New Employee – HMI Charleston

Please join me in welcoming Brian Ross to the HMI Charleston Team. Brian attended Florida State University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Brian was a manufacturing intern at Danfoss Turbocor and later became a Project Engineer with Gaylor Electric. He enjoys spending time outdoors and has a passion for golf! Welcome to the HMI Family!

HMU – In The Community

The students of Hahn Mason University joined Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina to help serve the community and the efforts towards ending hunger for those in need. #SHMetrolina serves 24 surrounding counties in the Carolinas, and it was our pleasure at Hahn Mason to spend Tuesday afternoon with this amazing non-profit organization.

We’ve Hired

We are very pleased to announce that we have hired nine very talented people to join the Hahn Mason family as part of our Hahn Mason University Program. The Hahn Mason University Program is a sales development program with a focus on learning how to sell Hahn Mason’s broad portfolio of HVAC products and services to our customers. These individuals will work with our Branch Offices to help us grow. Please welcome them to our team. HMI UNIVERSITY 2020-Green

Another year – Another President’s Trophy

Loren Cook has been experts at moving air since 1941. All their products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States of America.

Hahn Mason Inc has partnered with Cook since 2006!   Since that time, Hahn Mason has been one of the top sales firms for Cook Nationally.

We are Excited to announce that we are once again in the President’s Club – as a top sales firm for Cook again in 2019. Hahn Mason and Cook are your air moving experts.   Need a fan that moves 30 CFM, we have it.  How about 300,000 CFM?  We have you covered.

Congratulations to all the great people of Hahn Mason Inc. Let’s stay in the Club in 2020.

Visit for more information!

July 4th

Wishing you a wonderful time on this special day in American history. Happy Fourth of July!

We will be closed on Friday, July 3rd and re-open on Monday, July 6th.

Are you ready to join the Hahn Mason Family?

The heating, ventilation, and air condition industry is proving it’s an essential field during these challenging times. Some of the factors allowing us all to get back to work will come from the HVAC system in our buildings. Are you up for the challenge of playing a significant part in this great, critical industry? We’re looking for high character people to join the Hahn Mason Family.

We’re looking for a Technical Sales Person in Raleigh, NC.

Some of the Role:

·         Build relationships with the consulting engineering community

·         Promote and facilitate sales of equipment used in commercial heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

·         Serve as liaison to manufacturers and engineers.

·         Train engineers on equipment, new technologies, and concepts through lunch and learns, on-site training, and webinars.

·         Assist engineers with equipment or application of equipment, calculations, selections and placement during project designs.


We want to recognize the importance of today – Juneteenth, or Emancipation Day – the oldest national celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. On June 19th, 1865, Union Soldiers landed in Galveston, TX with the news that the enslaved were now free – two and a half years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation as there were few Union Soldiers in TX to enforce the Executive Order.

This holiday has been celebrated since then and for generations by the African American community and is becoming more widely celebrated this year amidst protests and uprisings in every state across the country as people cry out for social justice and equality. Congress is working on introducing a bill to make it a national holiday.  Unfortunately, most people didn’t learn about Juneteenth, the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 or the Rosewood Massacre of 1923 as a part of American History in school. We encourage each of you reading this to spend time researching and learning about these important events in our nation’s history.

At Hahn Mason, we are working to increase diversity and ensure our company is a welcoming environment for all employees. We can do better and are focused on creating a vibrant workplace because of its diversity and a place where all employees thrive.