Cook Select

Cook’s online fan selection program

The online tool allows you to select the optimum fan for your application based on the particular system size, airflow requirement, and performance needs.

This is a fast process that only takes a few, simple steps to enter your system requirements, and the software will select fan options for you and create a schedule. You can manage multiple projects in the program, making revisions quick and easy.

Cook Select Login

How to Use Cook Select

The first step is to log into the program and set up a project. A login is required. To create a login, create a username and password and you’ll be set up in the system. Once in the program, you can set up a job with the location details. The rest of the process only takes a few minutes and the selection is complete.

cook select login.

1. Add A Job

Once in the program; add a job, fill in the baseline information, and the file is ready to input data.

Select Add Mark to add a fan to the file. Name the fan with the tagging information. Once the fan is identified, the program brings you to the Model Selection Tab. Model selection can be performed by selecting the image of the fan or by selecting the properties of the fan in the filters column on the left of the screen.

2. Select Model

All the Cook AMCA registered fans can be viewed in the AMCA dropdown menu at the top right of the screen. The Tools dropdown menu has key resources for fan design and selection.

3. Input Design Conditions

Once the fan model is selected the design conditions need to be input. This step in the fan selection process only requires the airflow, static pressure, altitude, and temperature.

4. Select Specific Fan

The program will now list all the configurations of fans you selected that will meet those design criteria. Select the specific fan based on the project requirement.

The program will automatically show information on the selection in the column on the right-hand side of the screen. The information column consists of dropdown menus to give specific details on the selected fan. Click on any of the headers in the column and additional information will be displayed.

Select the PRODUCT & AMCA INFORMATION tab to find information on the standards, typical specifications, and a generic Revit file for the fan. Detailed specifications and Revit files for the particular fan configuration can be requested in the next section of the program.

Hit the Next button to move on to configure the selected fan.

5. Configure Selected Fan

This selection is where the motors, drives, and accessories can be selected. Each line is a dropdown menu that shows all the available options for the selected fan. The bottom line is a summary of the fan in the completed configuration.

6. Export Schedule, Request Submittal(s) & Revit File(s)

The schedule can be exported by hitting the Schedule button.

From this window, click the Documents button. The dropdown list allows you to select the product, specifications, and drawing information.

Clicking on the Request Submittal(s) and Request Revit File(s) will automatically request the specific submittals and Revit files for this fan configuration. An email with the information will be sent to the address of the registered user.

Fan selection is now complete and the jobfile has been automatically saved. The file can be reviewed and revised at any time.

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