UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

Improve Indoor Quality and Energy Efficiency with the Latest Technology for HVAC Applications

As leading a HVAC manufacturer representative in the Carolinas and Virginia for more than 50 years, Hahn Mason Air Systems understands the importance of quality UVC protection for your office or warehouse. We represent one of the finest UVC product manufacturers in Sterile-Aire and are proud to offer their technology for your next project.

In hospitals, laboratories, schools, offices and homes, Steril-Aire UVC devices are also used to enhance safety through mold and bacteria control. Steril-Aire UVC optimizes human and mechanical productivity by extending product shelf life and production yields. From reducing energy consumption and controlling costs, Steril-Aire’s UVC solutions pay measurable dividends to your financial health.Sterile Aire UVC Emitter

Four Reasons to Choose Steril-Aire

Higher Output

Higher output means sustained antimicrobial action. A minimum 99.9% inactivation of microorganisms requires a specific dose of UVGI energy. Steril-Aire UVGI emitters are proven to sustain higher intensities over a longer period of time as compared to other’s products. Our emitters are up to 6x more effective than others as measured by Homeland Security.

More EffectiveUVC Protection in North Carolina

Systems engineered to penetrate every recess. Steril-Aire solutions are engineered to penetrate every corner and recess where microorganisms breed. We optimize performance by providing an appropriate level of UVGI energy to satisfy your required level of microbial deactivation. We ensure that the design of the UV application is sufficient to complete the job. The results of our efforts have been confirmed in multiple double blind peer reviewed studies.

Independently Tested

Independent testing proves performance superiority. Independent testing has proven that our emitters deliver up to 7 times more energy than competitor products and last 4 times longer in the cool and damp HVAC environment.

Copied by Competitors

Steril-Aire’s technology is often copied, never duplicated. Steril-Aire invented UVC for HVAC™ technology 20 years ago and has continued to upgrade it. Imitators have never been able to equal the original, which includes superior construction and engineering support.

What Industries Benefit from UVC Protection?

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Steril-Aire can support your financial goals by significantly reducing your HVAC operating costs, decreasing water use and improving indoor air quality. Owners can expect increased property values and reduced liability. Property managers will see higher occupant satisfaction and productivity as well as marketing differentiation.


Steril-Aire’s germicidal UVC can help protect your building, your patients, and staff while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Our health care customers have realized reduced hospital acquired infections, cross-contamination, reduced hospital stays, as well as reduced liability. Steril-Aire also takes cleanrooms to a whole new level of germicidal effectiveness.

Food & Food Processing

Steril-Aire UVC enhances food safety through mold bacteria and virus control, extending product shelf life and improving quality and production yields. Germicidal UVC helps to avoid recalls and mitigation, reducing sales loss, brand damage and liability.

More Information on UVC Solutions for Food Safety


With 14 million missed school days each year, a healthy school building is essential. Good indoor air quality means healthier students, teachers, professors and administrators. Steril-Aire’s UVC for HVAC protects your building, your students and staff while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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Sterile-Aire Products

Steril-Aire is the unrivaled leader in the development of high performance UVC solutions for air and surface decontamination, and offers the following products for multiple industries.

Rapid Install Kit – RIK®

For AHUs from light industrial to heavy commercial. Our most flexible and easy to install offering.

UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

Enhanced Single Ended NEMA (ESEN)

Steril-Aire’s ESEN Fixture brings outdoor ease of installation to the company’s line of high-performance UVC for HVAC™ systems. As with all Steril-Aire solutions, the ESEN uses germicidal UVC irradiation, proven as an effective inactivation method for mold, bacteria and viruses.

ESEN UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

Enhanced Single Ended Series (ESE)

Better buildings start with Steril-Aire’s Enhanced Single Ended UVC Fixtures (ESE). Steril-Aire’s Enhanced Single-Ended (ESE) fixtures now reach deeper than ever. For interior installed fan coils, heat pumps, unit ventilator, packaged AHU’s, terminal units and ductwork.

ESE UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

Enhanced UVC Kit

The Steril-Aire Enhanced UVC Kit is ideal for air handler units typically found in commercial and industrial applications. For indoor air handlers with coils up to 122 inches with dual access, fan coils, packaged systems, heat pumps and unit ventilator systems.

DE Series

For medium-to-large and built-up AHUs. Double-ended fixtures (18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 62 inches) are mounted internally and fitted end-to-end for any size coil.

Double Series UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

Unitary Kit for Air Conditioners

For indoor air handling units of less than 5 tons. Our uinitary kit uses germicidal UVC irradiation, proven as an effective inactivation method for mold, bacteria and viruses.

unitary kit UVC Device Supplier in North and South Carolina

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