Air Filtration in North and South Carolina

Hahn Mason Air Systems is proud to be an integral part of the North and South Carolinacosatron logo building construction and mechanical equipment industry for over 50 years, serving you from our office and warehouse locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh, Eastern NC, and Hickory. We represent one of the finest air filtration system manufacturers in Cosatron and are proud to offer their technology on your next project.

Importance of Quality Air Filtration

Indoor air quality has become a much larger topic of concern in recent years. With people spending 90% of their time indoors, federal, state, and local legislators have begun to institute stricter regulations for air filtration with the goal of creating healthier indoor air environments. Even buildings that appear clean can expose their occupants to a number of airborne contaminants without the proper air filtration systems in place.

Why Choose Cosatron?

Cleaner Indoor Environment

  • Helps meet or exceed building standards and codes
  • Helps increase productivity and attendance
  • Reduces Carbon Dioxide

Reduced Cost

  • Keeps walls, floors, furniture, and equipment cleaner
  • Reduces need for outside air
  • Reduces HVAC maintenance and operating costs

Proven Results

  • Premier source of airborne contaminant control systems with thousands of installations worldwide
  • Patented “Excitation” technology
  • 60 years of research and development

Product Specifications

Cosatron Series 1000

  • Custom systems
  • Custom designed for easy installation within new or existing air-handling plenums
  • The electrodes are sized to fit within a support framing package between the filter and the cooling coils.
  • The UL-Listed NEMA 1 power generation can be conveniently located in, on, or near the outside of the plenum.

cosatron series 1000

Cosatron LC 2000

  • Standard modular plenum units
  • Modular package versions designed to easily adapt to standard air handling systems during initial construction or retrofit
  • Perfect for cafeterias, laboratories, waiting rooms, and similar environments

Cosatron Series 2000

  • Custom plenum units
  • Custom sized to adapt to any size installation
  • Factory assembled for easy installation
  • Ideal for ducted or plenum mounted applications

cosatron series 2000

Cosatron Series 3000

  • Fan-powered units
  • Self-contained fan-powered products for supplemental air-cleaning
  • Designed for temporary or permanent use almost anywhere
  • Control against dust, gases, smoke, and offensive odors
  • Available in ceiling-mount or roll-around version

cosatron series 300

How Does Excitation Work?

Standard mechanical systems are designed to remove particles that are larger than 3 microns. However, 98% of all particles are smaller than 3 microns and are therefore less influenced by standard HVAC systems. Excitation systems counter this by accelerating the natural process of conglomeration, a process by which particles collide, stick together, and grow. As particles reach 3 microns, they become air entrained and return to the mechanical filters for removal.

This is how excitation systems effectively improve indoor air quality by controlling the contaminants inside buildings. Excitation is the most effective means to minimize contaminants in a building by controlling and reducing particulate levels. This creates safer and more comfortable buildings and, as a bonus, can reduce energy usage and overall operating costs. Excitation is a unique, patented, high-tech means of providing clean air by increasing the size of the particulates in a given space, allowing them to be transported by the HVAC system to the filters to be removed.

Frequently Asked Design Questions

  • What is the static loss of your system? 0.05”. The grids are 87% free area and have very little associated static loss.
  • How much power/energy does the equipment use? The generator uses 50 watts of power
  • What is the required power supply? 120v
  • Are the units custom? The units are engineered for each application.
    • Standard practice has the Series 1000 Units designed for the available wind tunnel dimension of the AHU.
    • Standard practice for the Series 2000 Units is sizing them per standard filter velocities; 500-550 fpm, when the companion filter is used.  If the filter is remote the units are designed for 825 fpm.
  • Can the Units be installed in existing equipment? Yes, the units require 9” of space.
  • Can the Units be installed at the factory? Yes, coordination can occur and the units can be shipped directly to the AHU manufacturing facility.
  • What are good applications of the technology?  Any in which you would like to clean the air outside of Grease Duct Applications and 100% humidity with moisture droplets.  The Cosatron grids have electric fields.  The grease would adhere and the moisture could shut down the systems until they dry out.
  • Where are the Units installed? They are installed on the return side of the AHU after the filter.
  • Can the Units be used to clean outside air? Yes, this application would be a single pass application and a final filter is required, MERV14 or HEPA.
  • Can any MERV Rated filter be used with the Units? Yes, however keep in mind in a recirculating fashion a MERV8 is typically recommended.  The higher the MERV Rating the smaller the excited contaminants are, therefore the conglomeration to 3 microns takes longer.
  • Do the Units increase filter changes? Yes, the units make the filters 50% more efficient.  The filters will capture more contaminants and filter frequency changes will go up.  How much more frequent depends on how dirty the air is.
  • Do the Units remove gaseous and particulate contaminants? Yes

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