About Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc.

Mechanical Equipment for Carolina Industries and Beyond

Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc. represents the products of quality manufacturers. The product types range from grilles and diffusers, to VAV terminal units, sheet metal products, and specialty air handling equipment.  In addition, HMI provides industrial fans, as well as laboratory and critical airflow controls. Our sales engineers and support staff are equipped to handle all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

Company History

Old Hahn-Mason Office

Home office and warehouse of the Robert E. Mason Company, Charlotte, NC (1973)

Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc. (or HMI) began as Robert E. Mason Company, Inc. in 1940. It was founded by Mr. Robert Mason, Sr. as a manufacturers’ representative firm to serve industrial clients within North and South Carolina with fluid control equipment.  In the mid-1940’s, air movement and control products were added to the company’s product line. In 1952, a separate division was formed to handle the air-side products that had grown to approximately twelve different lines.

Since that time, the company has grown from a two-man sales force of Robert Mason, Sr. and Richard Hahn, Sr. In the early 1990’s, the company name changed to Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc. The new name provided then, and still does today, a clear understanding of the company’s mission.

Inside the Old Hahn-Mason Office

Robert E. Mason Company office, Charlotte, NC (1973)

Today, Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc. has seven regional offices located within the Carolinas.  HMI personnel provide quality products to engineers and contractors not only in the North and South Carolina industry, but as far away as Bermuda.

Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc. maintains a well-stocked warehouse at its main Charlotte office location in order to provide fast pick-up and shipment of many of its represented products. HMI employs experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives capable of meeting all air-handling needs, including commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, critical airflow and pressurization systems, kitchen filtration and ventilation products, humidification products, plus other specialty equipment.

Hahn-Mason Air Systems, Inc.is the manufacturers’ representative that serves both the commercial and industrial HVAC marketplace within the Carolinas and beyond. In 1952, the original Founders developed an exceptional reputation for providing high-quality equipment with superior customer service. That reputation continues at HMI today. Let us be your air systems supplier.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you soon.

Current Hahn-Mason Headquarters

Hahn-Mason Air System Headquarters, Charlotte, NC (current day)